Nia feel good fitness is a joyful blend of dance steps, martial arts techniques and healing movements. Each routine combines 52 simple moves that are danced barefoot to spirit-lifting music. The moves are all non-impact and adaptable.

What is Nia?

Taught in more than 50 countries all over the world, Nia combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness.

Each class helps to tone your body, still your mind and lift your spirits, leaving you energized, able to think clearly and emotionally rebooted.

All Sarah’s classes are suitable for absolutely everyone – men, women, young, old - and for all shapes, sizes, abilities and fitness levels.


…boosts your aerobic fitness, muscle strength, agility, balance, coordination, stability, mobility and flexibility

…improves your decision making, concentration and memory – research shows these benefits are linked to learning a dance sequence and keeping in time with the music

…is joint-friendly – dancing and stepping in bare feet allows you to tune into what your body likes

…tops up your feel good factor as the soul-stirring music triggers the brain to release the ‘happy’ chemical serotonin

…is all about freedom, fun, friendship, love and laughter!

Sarah's Classes

  • WEDNESDAYS 6.30 - 7.30PM

  • SATURDAYS 9.15 - 10.15AM

  • Location:

    The Manor Health and Wellness Centre
    11 Manor Road, Colchester CO3 3LX

  • Cost:

    £8 drop-in or £40 for a six-week block

New Term 6-Week Blocks

  • Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm 
    6 March / 13 March / 20 March / 27 March / 4

  • Saturdays 9.15-10.15am 
    9 March / 16 March / 23 March / 30 March / 5
    April / 12 April